Household Rubbish

What to get your house cleared? Toms Rubbish removals is your professional cleaning company which provides an extensive household waste clearance service to make the procedure as stress free and straight forward as it can be. We collect residual waste from anywhere in and around your house and make it look clean and tidy.

Garden Cleanups

If you ‘dream garden’ is full of weeds and it is overgrown, Toms Rubbish Removals can give it a clean-up and add an aesthetic appeal. We will trim the hedges, weed your garden, mow the lawn and remove all. We make your garden look great and add a visual appeal to your home. Give us a call for all your Garden Clean-up needs.

Commercial Site Clean

Toms Rubbish Removals is recognized as a leading provider of quality and affordable commercial site cleaning service. We use only the efficient and skilled cleaning professionals to give you the best cleaning solutions for office or commercial facilities. Whenever you are hiring our firm you can be rest assured of gaining only the best and the most professional attention.

High Pressure Water Blasting

Toms Rubbish Removals provides high pressure water blasting services bringing awesome benefits in industrial cleaning, surface prep & cutting applications. We use ultra-high pressure water blasting to remove all types of pavement markings and deposits. Our process is efficient, cost-effective & eco-friendly. Call us for High Pressure Water Blasting.

Office & Shop Cleanout’s

Have a shop, retail space or office that needs professional cleaning? Need to get the space emptied? Toms Rubbish Removals will dismantle and remove furniture including a full clean up and ensure commendable service. Give us a call for Office & shop cleanout’s and see the difference.

Rental property cleanouts

Toms Rubbish Removals get your property back to its own form as quick as possible by removing all sorts of rubbish left behind by your tenant. Our professional junk removal team will help you rent your property faster by removing all sorts of junk. We provide hauling services to many realtors and landlords seeking for property cleanouts. Give us a call for Rental Property Cleanouts.

Deceased Estate

Toms Rubbish Removals provides Deceased Estate management service that is perfect for those who are unable to do the physical cleaning and clearance of the deceased estate or vacant storage unit. We manage all aspects involved with cleaning and organize a professional final clean-up to ensure the property is ready for rental or sale.